Bucket List Item #2

It’s been almost two years since I tackled my first Bucket List item: Running the Boston Marathon a marathon. Bucket List item #1 had to be amended once I found out that I had to qualify for the marathon or raise a large amount of money for a charity in order to run. Long story short, I ran Newport in October 2014, qualified by two minutes and eight seconds, missed the 2016 cut-off by 20 seconds and was offered the opportunity to run on the Catholic Charities of Boston’s marathon team. Fast forward to today, over four months post-marathon #2 (Boston!) and the fulfillment of one of my biggest dreams and I’m ready to tackle the next item on my list — writing my first book (BL item #3 would be getting said book published). With some much-earned “me” time coming in less than two weeks when both of my girls start school (Clara in 1st grade and Elyse in preschool), I’m ready to take on what I think will be an even bigger challenge than running 26.2 straight SVT001-698x1024.jpgmiles.

I wrote my first book when I was around 11 years-old. It was loosely based on the Sweet Valley Twins series (I LOVED those books!), but instead focused on the lives of a set of triplets living in Rhode Island (big surprise). Every afternoon after school, I’d spend hours sitting at the desk in my room, pencil in hand and imagination at the ready. My plan was to write a series of books about the triplets, but I never made it past that first hand-written, spiral-bound notebook. I always wondered what happened to that book — I’m sure that it has since taken up residence in my parents’ attic.

Since then, life has been a whirlwind of growing up, completing my education, getting married and raising two daughters. But, the desire to write a book has never gone away; it’s just been displaced, as other priorities forced it to be pushed way down a long and never-ending To Do list. However, my children are now of school age, I am settling into life in Virginia and think that I finally have the chance (and plentyCCB.jpg of fodder — 38 years worth as of next week!) to get this next project off the ground. Am I nervous? Sure. Am I uncertain about what to expect? Absolutely. Do I think no one will want to read my book? Heck, yeah! But, I was also nervous when I signed myself up to run that first marathon. I was uncertain beyond belief when I committed myself to raising well over $5,000 (I made it to just about $7,000) for the Catholic Charities of Boston. And, there were plenty of times while training for both marathons when I didn’t think I’d have the strength or courage to finish.

Nerves and uncertainty aside, I’m ready to take on this next challenge. I’ve always wanted to be a published author, to see my name printed on the front of a hardcover book and to know that I did it. I’ve made a promise to myself to get these crazy thoughts that have been swirling around in my head for decades down on paper in the hopes that they will inspire, educate and entertain. And, now that I’ve taken the first steps dotd2013_i-will-be-a-published-author.jpgtoward getting this process underway — 1. I’m currently taking an online course in Creative Nonfiction and 2. I’ve just told the world! (or at least those who read this blog) — I have the momentum to see it through. Whether it takes me 1 year or 10, I plan on crossing off Bucket List items #2 and #3. Who knows? If all goes well, I may end up writing a book or two more. After all, I did run 26.2 miles twice and lived to tell the tales.


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